Unified Budget: The unified budget supports the ongoing expense of St. Paul's. This includes salaries and benefits for all staff, electricity, water and sewer, heating costs, office expenses, Sunday school curriculum, VBS, worship supplies and our mission support for the United Methodist Church.

Lewis and Agnes Wilson Food Pantry: The food pantry supports purchases of food and supplies that are distributed to over 900 persons per month. All other costs associated with the food pantry are supported through the Unified Budget.
Buildings and Improvements: Helps to support the ongoing expenses of the Trustees. Some of these expenses include: repairs and maintenance to current equipment at the church (computers, pipe organ, pianos, elevator, fire alarm, and security system), insurance, rental costs for the copier, janitorial supplies, and real estate taxes (parsonage).
Global Missions: Helps to support "second mile" mission giving at St. Paul's. In recent years these funds have supported Ravens in Defiance, Share House in Fort Wayne, Grace Children's Hospital in Haiti, Kafkumba Pastor's School in Africa, Youth and Adult mission trips and other mission projects.
Endowed Funds:  These are funds that have been placed in accounts to use the interest and earnings to further the mission of St. Paul's United Methodist Church.

Trustee Endowed Fund - supports the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the church, 410 Office Building and parsonage.     
Ministry and Mission Endowed Fund - supports the mission and programmatic ministries of St. Paul's.     
Scholarship Fund - supports a scholarship fund available to graduating high school seniors who have been active in the ministries of the church.